Simba's Domain

Stray Cats and other Critters

These are some of the animals that come to my porch for a free hand-out. 

Shawna will add more pictures as she gets them.  Some of the strays are very jumpy and don't like their picture taken. 

Alley Cat Allies

Scaredy Cat

Believe it or not, the picture below is Mike's brother, Scaredy Cat. He is a tiny cat and completely feral. Shawna and Dan are barely able to pet him- after years of trying. He lives inside an abandoned garage nearby...  He won't come into the house with the other cats because he is too afraid.

Scaredy Cat

This is kinda blurry because it is through the plexiglass window.

This sure is a funny looking cat....

Where did this little bandit come from?

He's stealing the cat food!