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About Me and My Pets

About Me and my Family


I am a 14 year old female American Shorthair Tabby cat.
I was rescued as a kitten by Shawna and given to her sister, Erica. I lived with Erica and Robert for 5 years and enjoyed beating up on their dog, Bear. Erica couldn't take the allergy shots anymore so she asked me to move back with Shawna. That was fine with me because Bear was just getting on my nerves.  Erica still comes to visit me sometimes and we catch up on the telephone now and then.
I believe I am very intelligent- I am bilingual, speaking both feline and canine, I know how to open lever handle doors, I am great at boxing, and although I have no claws, I have successfully done away with pesky birds and mice. 

I lost my claws as a result of having to move.  It is a weird story, but when I was little, I lived in an apartment with Erica that had "No Cats Allowed" rules.  I liked looking out the windows and eventually got Erica caught and thrown out.  The only place to stay was her parents' house or the animal shelter.  But the parents said I wasn't allowed to claw anything.  So there went my claws.  I do NOT recommend anyone having this done.  It was absolutely horrible and I am still sensitive about anyone touching my feet.  I am the top cat in this house because of my size and brute strength.  I can thump VERY hard!


The World Famous Simba Cat

Erica Mommy




This is my human, Shawna. I love her sooo much. She cleans my bathroom for me, feeds me my favorite canned food every day and even gives me a tablespoon of Catsip brand milk for breakfast every morning. I have her well trained. She plays fetch with me and baits the bird feeders for me so I have entertainment at all times.

Simon Zoom Zoom Smiledon
This is Simon, who moved in with us on Shawna's birthday which she shares with me.  The people across the street, catty-corner, moved away and abandoned him.  He was really sick so Shawna took him in to save his life.  He is a Lynx Point Snow Shoe Siamese.  (and I hate him!)


This is Mandy.  She is about 4 months old and Dan let her in to cheer up Shawna after Amber disappeared.   She actually gets along with Simon pretty good.




Catsip Brand Milk

My "babies" which are made from puff balls with leather string legs.

Shadows- I love to watch them

Bird Feeders- I enjoy jumping at the window and scaring the birds away. They always come back for more- it's our game.

Sitting on my human's mouse and keyboard when she is typing.

toys-you can never have too many!

Mikey Boy


Here is a nice picture of Mikey. Shawna wanted to name him Cyrano de BergerCat (Bergerac) but got tired of trying to explain the joke so the name Mike just stuck.


This is my other human, Dan. He may look rough and tough but he talks to me when he thinks Shawna isn't listening. He is also a very good doorman, letting me in and out whenever I want.


Dan and Shawna


Marlee and I mostly tolerated each other. I could never tell if she was playing or fighting so I avoided her unless I wanted some excitement.
Shawna captured her in a live squirrel trap when she was a feral kitten and it took a long time to tame her.
She died January 2008 after being diagnosed with cancer.  She was almost 13.

meow meow meow meow