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This trunk was the first one I sold to someone outside of my own family.  A husband bought it for his wife for her birthday and she really liked it.


The trunk was rusty and painted a flat sea foam color.  The wood was stained black and roughed up.


The lithograph was in fantastic condition so I lightly sprayed it with clear coat to help protect it.


I stripped all the paint and stain from the metal and wood.  I bleached and sanded the slats.  It was my intention to leave the metal bare but the bottom front of the tin was badly corroded.



I used Hammerite anti-rust paint on the silver to help it look more authentic, black gloss Rustoleum on the hardware, and new handles from Brettuns.
The cedar boards were bought at Home Depot as a closet kit in a box.  I cut them and glued them into place with carpenter glue.  I used a craft glue gun to attach black ribbon lace around the top of the boards to give it a finished look.