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Refinishing  trunks is usually looked upon as the wrong thing to do to an antique but if the piece is trashed, go for it. There is nothing I enjoy more than making an unwanted piece of junk into a beautiful piece of functional artwork.  Most of these trunks on the next few pages were purchased from flea markets and garage sales.  One was even pulled from someone's trash on the curb. They are usually in really bad shape when I get them.
Trunks that are covered in torn-up canvas get stripped, sanded and stained, usually with golden oak stain.  I clean the metal and if it doesn't clean up well, I paint it with rustoleum to prevent more damage from occurring.  Metal covered trunks get a more artistic approach.  The finish on the trunk to the right is done with sea sponge and gold leaf paint.  This was done after many, many hours of rust removal with a power drill equipped with steel brushes. 
I don't know anything about appraising these old trunksI cannot tell you what your trunk is worth.   If you have questions along these lines, I highly recommend visiting .

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