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Antique Trunks by Shawna

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Green Trunk
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This is the largest trunk I have done to date.  It was very rusty and I spent the majority of time grinding the rust off with a dremel  and power drill equipped with steel brushes.  I then stripped, stained, and polyurethaned the wood slats.  I used hunter green satin Rustoleum, gloss black Rustoleum, and gold leaf hobby paint on all the metal.  I then used sea sponge and gold leaf to do the design.
On the inside, I stripped the paper out, sanded, and stained the wood, and left it to "breathe".


And here is the finished product.




Before- inside


I had to replace the leather handles as I do on all the trunks.  Seems they are the first to rot away.  I buy the handles and other hardware from Brettuns Village Trunk Shop.  See my links page.